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The most unexpected pop-up restaurant


a gastronomic experience
on top of the Hall 5

It sounds crazy, but it's real. Enjoying a gastronomic experience on top of one of Belgium's most emblematic buildings is now possible.
From 15 March, the pop-up restaurant TABLE 58 will be set up on the rooftop of the Hall 5.

What can you expect? A moment out of time, face to face with the Atomium. On the plates, a menu created by two-starred chefs Lionel Rigolet (Comme Chez Soi*) and Nick Bril (The Jane**).

A unique event open for 4 months only, like an ode to the flat country...

Three stars,
two personalities,
one concept.

To make this unlikely place a place of high gastronomy, TABLE 58 has surrounded itself with two emblematic chefs of the country, one French-speaking, the other Dutch-speaking, to make it a 100% Belgian project. Lionel Rigolet, renowned chef at Comme chez Soi* in Brussels and Nick Bril, charismatic and creative chef at The Jane** in Antwerp.

Two chefs who had never worked together before, and yet. Both members of the "Grandes Tables du Monde" association, whom both have different profiles and cooking styles. However, they are very similar in their approach, their attention to detail and their perfectionism, and they agreed to take up this challenge, to make TABLE 58 a unique event. In pairs, they developed a five-course menu that respects all the codes of gastronomy, highlighting the best and most beautiful things Belgium has to offer.

Signed by the two chefs, the menu will be offered for a spectacular lunch or a special dinner. Lionel Rigolet and Nick Bril will offer a first menu between March and April, and a second between May and June. In total, two four-hand menus to be discovered and tasted on the most unlikely rooftop in Belgium.

the jane fujifilm - © Pieter D_Hoop-25.jpg
(c)Pieter D_Hoop

Open from mid-March to July 2nd, TABLE 58's ambition is to make its customers rediscover Belgium during an exceptional meal, at the top of one of the country's symbols. A strong identity and an unusual concept that will seduce the curious in search of a rare and daring experience.

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